Breakfast is served in beautiful dishes, by candlelight, at tables with a different décor each morning.

Among other delicacies, you will also see the basic components of a Toscana kitchen, such as virgin olive oil, Italian Parmesan cheese (the best), herbs freshly picked from our garden and an assortment of fresh pastries, many of whom are prepared according to Toscanian recipes from our friends in Italy.

In addition, we serve fresh ricotta cheese with homemade pesto, Forest Mushroom Focaccia, a pastry with Parmesan and Danish Blue cheese, a variety of breads baked just before your meal with pesto, rosemary, dried tomatoes and olives.· We also feature country bread from the Italian Appennino Mountains, rich in pine nuts, sunflower seeds and more…and our cappuccino and chococino, whose preparation, by the way, we learned from a little café in the enchanting town of San Gimignano in Toscana.

Further pampering includes the preparation of personal, individual omelettes for each guest.· For dessert we serve a rich and refreshing fruit salad, the most delectable butter cookies and pancakes with pure maple syrup.

During the week – your rich, luxurious meal will include:· two types of fresh-baked bread, salads, vegetables, a selection of cheeses, butter, grains, confitures and various types of teas and coffees.·Eggs, pancakes and cappuccino are available by personal choice.

To sum it up, breakfast is a romantic experience not to be missed.

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