Family Celebration

Wish to celebrate an event with family and friends, which include gourmet meals and lodging?

Thought about a rural B&B with pleasant and welcoming environment, clean and neat rooms and meticulous and uncompromising service?

Imagined your event in Italy: get excited when all the family members with you, touching the beauty, and enjoying the aesthetics?

Want to enjoy the Italian cuisine with scents and flavors of "Italian restaurant" dinner party in a "Privet Room"?

Looking for a place with a luxurious breakfast, rich, healthy and delicious buffet and family table edit in your honor, that will be a pleasant meeting point for the family?

If you imagined your holiday in Italy, but you can not bring the family for a whole week in Tuscany, Invito Had Nes in the Golan Heights is the ultimate answer for you.

Invito shares the atmosphere of Tuscany. The owners, Dani & Gat, lived for ten years in Italy and were exposed to the Italian culture and to the domestic life in Tuscany. Subsequently they formed a charming Italian corner named Invito (Italian for Invitation), near the Sea of Galilee in a place called Had Ness in the Golan Heights.

The magic begins in the garden ("wild garden under control"): thrill the little waterfalls, birdsong, beauty spots and wildlife around it.

And continues with the decorated guest houses: the small details in the bedroom, the sitting area and bathing area, generate aesthetic experience, comfort and luxury at the highest level. In each unit you will enjoy quality sheets, towels and luxury care products, Jacuzzi, audio system and LCD TV connected to satellite. In addition, free of charge books and DVD movie libraries are availble around the clock.

Coffee after a siesta? Your well-equipped kitchen await with handsome range of self-preparation hot drinks, tasty cookies and other treats.

What about Parmigiano, Focaccia and Cappuccino? These are only a small part of the Inito's culinary world. The culinary experience is divided between morning and evening:

Breakfast is dined at Boungiorno. It is a beautiful room overlooking the garden. Gat's design talent is also evident in food - a beautiful sight, a mass of Tuscan specialties with necessary ingredients: hot pastries from the oven, olive oil, great cheeses, fine Italian coffee and more. The menu is amazing in its flavors and offerings richness.

Dinner is held at the Sole Mio "Private Room". In the heart of a beautiful garden, you will enjoy a romantic event surrounded by candlelight. An instance of smells and tastes, meticulous service, which will never to be forgotten.

Other important things worth knowing about Invito:

For Vegetarians
- Invito's kitchen will spoil you. Big time.

Gluten-free Diners - answer exists but involves advance notice.

Animal Lovers - the garden is a place of swarming wild and animal joy. Danny & Gat are animal lovers and invite your dog also for an unforgettable vacation. Mattress, sheet and a bowl of cool water are guaranteed for our four legged guests.

Adventure Enthusiasts – Danny and Gat will show you around hidden and attractive Golan Heights corners, which are unknown to the public.

B&B and culinary experience in Had Ness, Golan Heights, Israel

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