First Culinary Fest


Culinary Fest in Invito 


During Friday's early afternoon hours, while tasting different cheese and wine, we will learn to make our friend, the Italian Chef, Alecandro's Ciziliano Calzone reciepe.

After a while of refreshing, we will re-join eachother again at Sole Mio, arround a common table, as is customary in Italy, and eat a festive dinner into the night, surrounded by candlelight and Italian atmosphere ...

Cizilian Calzone is also known as Cuddiruni Siciliano, which means pocket-shaped, thin shelf of pizza dough, stuffed with vegetables and cheese and can bevegetarian or meat dish.


The Culinary event, for guests staying at Invito (reservation of 2 nights), and will be held on the weekend of the 12 +13/01/2012.

Seating is limited!.

Workshop and dinner cost - 280 ₪ only per person.